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Oct 6, 2012 6:00pm EDT
column about, 'lu--lubbock in my rearview mirror, perish the thought. for instance, one of the local television stations just ran a three-part investigative series on pantyhose called "born to run." is that true? >> guest: of course it's true. you can't make up stuff like that. and you never need to make up anything in texas because bizarre and strange things just always happen as a matter of course. c-span: now what's the difference between west texas and east texas? >> guest: oh, east texas is the very southern part of the state. in fact, i sometimes think that east texas is more like the old south than the old south is anymore. about 50 percent of the population there is black. it was plantation, cotton farming part of this--part of the state. but west texas is a totally different kettle of fish. it's the dry, ranching part of the state, a lot of--there are a fair number of hispanics down in west texas, but--and in south texas now, they're--they're the majority. but that looks--the western part of the state looks more like what you would think of texas in a--in a cowboy movie. c-s
Oct 13, 2012 6:00pm EDT
it by saying, "i don't read the local newspapers because i never like to read the papers where i conduct because i'm too sensitive to criticism. plus, i do read the papers, because you have to get something here, because you can't get the new york times." so she had a little bit of difficulty sometimes of not knowing when to stop. c-span: the relationship between gaston caperton and his wife and the rockefellers -- senator and mrs. jay rockefeller? because you have -- i've got a quote here that says, "jay is welcome in our house but not in our hearts." >> guest: right. when the governor was running for re-election in early 1991, jay rockefeller, who was the former governor who's now the us senator from west virginia, was approached to get behind gaston caperton and also to hold a fund-raiser for him. at that time, gaston's poll ratings were very, very low because he had made somewhat of a promise in his first campaign not to raise taxes. in fact, he had raised taxes when he got in there and discovered that, in fact, the state's finances were much worse than anyone had predicted. and when
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2